Getting Back To Basics… and liking it


Life gets crazy. Between work, Aidan’s soccer and swimming classes, Nev’s new business ventures every other week, and all the stuff in between, it is CRAZY. You forget about a time when you weren’t completely connected to the outside world 24/7. You forget about a time when you had to wait until you got home to check your email, or even when there was no email, just a mailbox or an answering machine to check.

It took a little boy and a couple big cows to bring me back to basics. And even if I was only there for a short time, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay.



After a very busy, stressful day at work I picked up Aidan from his grandmothers and drove home in silence, preoccupied with things I’d encountered during the day, feeling I had come up against roadblocks that I wasn’t going to be able to get past. I was feeling discouraged and overwhelmed, I was feeling defeated. 

Suddenly, in that shrill and high pitched voice kids don’t realize is like kryptonite to anyone over the age of 18, Aidan screams out “COWS!!!!”

Sure enough, because we live in a somewhat rural area and there is a farm next door to our town house complex, there is a field full of cows milling about just steps away from our front door.

Now, keep in mind, I was tired and the perceived weight of the world was on my shoulders. But my little, curly haired son was looking up at me with his eyes literally shining. I thought to myself, “When was the last time I’ve been that excited about anything?” The thought made me sad, but it brought me back to reality. A reality where nothing in the world was more important then keeping that happiness in my child’s eyes. A reality where I knew that the l would do anything to keep at bay for him the grown up feelings I was feeling now.

So I took his hand and I grabbed my camera and we walked over to see the cows. 


He reached his hand through the gate and two cows came right up to him, as if sensing his innocent interest in them and feeling their own in him. He laughed so hard and so loud I felt my own mouth pull up at the corners, and my heart lifted a little bit, too.

By the time we had been canoodling with those cows for fifteen minutes, the burdens that I’d brought home with me were no longer there. 



Getting back to basics. It doesn’t mean quitting your job, throwing your cell phone in the toliet, or giving up on indoor plumbing. It means, when you are at work you’re at work, but when you’re at home, the important stuff starts. Spending time to take in the very precious moments you have with your kids, with your spouse. In a couple years my little Aidan’s eyes won’t shine over a couple of cows, something else will make him squeal with joy. And a couple of years after that, he won’t want to take my hand and show me what excites him anymore. 

It blows my mind that 30 minutes sitting on the hard ground, watching this little boy reach his pudgy hand out to these animals and looking back at me as if this was the best day of his life, made it the best day of my life. 





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