31 Things To Tell A Daughter



“A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend”

1. See yourself through your own eyes, it’s too easy to get caught up in a vicious cycle of how others view you. The only acceptance that is important is your own.

2. Judge other people by what they DO, not what they SAY

3. Music can fix anything… that is all.

4. Like sports, it doesn’t make you less of a lady.

5. Don’t like sports, it doesn’t make you a “girl”.

6. If you’re in a serious relationship, that’s great. If you’re married, that’s fantastic. Keep your own separate bank account, regardless.

7. Life is too short to be with someone who makes you unhappy.

8. Life is not long enough when you’re with someone that makes you truly happy.

9. You don’t have to be with ANYONE to be truly happy.

10. You’ll have dreams and only a very small amount of time to make them happen, don’t waste your time living someone else’s dreams and/or thinking you’ll have infinite chances to chase yours.

11. You should cook and bake. NOT because it makes you a better wife and mother, but because you enjoy it and it’s more fulfilling to bake your own chocolate chip cookies than to buy them.

12. You can still be a very good wife and mother without baking or cooking. Trust me.

13.  There is no reason to feel guilty when taking the long way home on a warm Spring day with the music blasting and the windows rolled down. No one will miss you for that ten minutes, but you will definitely miss that ten minutes of serenity.

14. No matter what “baggage” you bring to the table, if a man makes you feel unworthy because of the places you’ve been in the past, he IS unworthy of you.

15. If you’re going to vote, you should familiarize yourself with the issues.

16. If you’re not going to vote, don’t complain about your government.

17. It’s perfectly okay to go into college without a major. The person you are at 18 is certainly not going to be interested in the same things the 38 year old version of you will be interested in.

18. It’s perfectly okay to play the guitar for nickels in Times Square if that makes you truly happy.

19. Guilt is a form of manipulation which other people use in order to control you for their benefit, or for what they think is your benefit. As long as you’re a good person and you do the right thing by yourself and others, there is no reason to EVER feel guilty.

20. If you do not voice the way you feel about something, you have no one to blame but yourself if your circumstances don’t change.

21. Having a dog is awesome. They will always love you, even when you throw your boot at them because they pooped in the house AGAIN.

22. Cats are cool, too. They kind of do their own thing, but every so often they’ll show you a little affection and it makes you feel important.

23. Having a skill is important. You should know how to do something that contributes to society and helps pay the bills.

24. Having an innate talent is AMAZING. You should find what you were born with that makes you special and different and embrace it. It will be the thing you do that makes you feel free.

25. ┬áTravel. There will always be a reason you can’t, but you CAN. Make it happen.

26. Spend your money on experiences, not only things. Skydiving, scuba diving, swimming with dolphins; all these things will stay in your memories a lot longer than a flat screen television.

27. Know something about EVERYTHING. The most interesting, best liked people are those that can converse about even the most obscure topics.

28. Be someone who stands up for others. Too many people fade into the background when they see an injustice being done to someone else, or worse, take part in it. Be the person that stands up for what is right.

29. Hold onto your beliefs and values that were given to you in childhood, but leave yourself open to other point of views. This makes you complete.

30. Don’t invest yourself in any relationship you can’t fully commit to. This goes for friendships, romantic liaisons and being a parent. All these things take time, effort and patience.

31. Do whatever it takes to be happy everyday. Life is the gift I gave you, and it would be shame to see you waste it.