Why My Sister is Better Than Yours



1. We got to go to COLLEGE together!

How many siblings get to experience college together, or even want to? We got to sit in the front of our Logic and Inquiry class, passing notes about the cute professor, being the most obnoxiously participating set of people you’ve ever met, and not caring about it AT ALL because we were together. Yeah, the kids sitting behind us probably exercised their eye rolling muscles for the entire hour, but there was not a care to be had by the Vindigni sisters.

In Italian we both forgot to do our homework on a regular basis, so we would spend the four and a half minutes before the professor came in completely making up Italian words. Our reasoning was she couldn’t blame us for being so terrible because this wasn’t our first language. She probably thought we were the biggest American idiots out of all the American idiots she had ever met. It was the best.

We had lunch together, I hit on her very young friends, she pretended to be embarrassed about it but laughed with me privately. She let me watch her play tennis, and I gave shout outs to her on the campus radio station where I dj’ed. The best part of my college experience was becoming closer with her, and since then we have literally been inseparable. Whatever years separate us in age, spending that time together closed the gap. Plus, I’m pretty competent at not acting my age anyways.

2. We love/hate our family… together.


We’re Italian, and we’re passionate people. Italians like to do TWO things very often. 1) Get together and eat good food and drink good wine, and 2) Scream at each other through out the entire meal.

Every Sunday night you would find 15-20 people crammed inside our mothers house, trying to find places to sit, trying to find glasses to drink out of, being very affectionate and jovial. Within minutes someone is telling someone else that they’re politics are garbage, and this one is telling that one that her son is lazy and useless, not to mention the conversation that will start when someone thinks someone else’s kids aren’t well behaved. Forget about the violence that goes down when the euchre cards get dealt.

Very rarely, if ever, do Sam and I let that hostility affect each other. We’ll pick a side, right or wrong, and join in on the verbal abuse. Then we’ll pour a glass of red wine and watch the aftermath. And we are ALWAYS on the same euchre team… and unbeatable.

3. We watch STUPID movies together and tirelessly quote them at each other.



It doesn’t matter how many dirty, glaring looks we get over dinner, we never stop. Anchorman, Zoolander, Knocked Up… the more offensive, the better. In fact I think we eventually measured the success of our quote off but how long it would take for our mother to slam her glass down and leave the room.

It’s not healthy, but it’s good.

And the giggles and gasping laughs that ensued can never be replaced by anything else in the world. We get such a kick out of each other, who needs anything else to be happy.

4. We borrow… and steal… each other’s clothes


Being basically the same size (although she says my chest is going to stretch out her clothes)  it is convenient to sneak into her room and steal her shirts, shoes, socks, whatever. I especially like taking something without her knowledge because I can then send her a picture of my feet in fuzzy pink socks once I have the contraband safe and sound at home, and there’s nothing she can do about it!

This also works for hair products, perfumes, lotions, whatever can be picked up and walked off with. The best part is, she only shows slight outrage and then shrugs it off.  This is a HUGE reason why my sister is better than yours.


5. She’s a GREAT aunt.



Pretty self explanatory. Girl loves her niece and nephews. Can’t wait to see how much she loves her own, future kids…

Or maybe mine will be enough for her.

6. We DRINK together, and it’s FUN!



Singing Florence and the Machines at the top of our lungs, shouting out slightly slurred but very clever insults from the safety of an upper deck as other intoxicated individuals wander by, there’s never a dull moment when the two of us get together and share a few beverages.

Judge if you will, but don’t walk by us on one of those nights where we may have had a drink or two. You can’t handle the truth.